What Makes Seattle Rugby Special? 

The purpose of Seattle Rugby Club is to foster the growth and quality of rugby in our area, championing the sport's unique values and character.

Like many other sports, rugby teaches goal-setting, commitment, teamwork and discipline. But rugby offers special opportunities to develop – physically, mentally and socially.

At Seattle, we believe that rugby is the one sport that uniquely and best prepares today's young people for the changing world in which they'll live:

  • To recognize their interdependence – with the autonomy to make individual choices, but in the context of the team's plan and objectives. 
  • To make rapid, appropriate decisions in a dynamic and fast-changing environment.
  • Within the structure of the game – like school and the workplace – to be imaginative and create, innovating to seize opportunities.
  • To expand and continuously improve upon a versatile set of skills, through every expression of athleticism, (run, kick, pass, tackle, jump, catch).
  • To have personal integrity, building and maintain respect for your opponent and authority. (Referee's are still addressed, politely as “Sirs”).
  • To face and address physical challenges, learning to positively manage the emotions of fear, anger and frustration.
  • To be resilient and persevere, over a long, continuous period.
  • To be a global citizen, enjoying the cultural perspectives afforded by rugby travel, teammates and traditions.

Quite simply, these are the gifts that rugby players want to give their kids.

As in life, rugby is full of contrasts and paradox:

  • Brutal physicality - and graceful artistry.
  • Complexity - and simplicity.
  • Global camaraderie - and fierce tribalism.

For people who have played rugby, there is no contradiction that the same people we battle, are the same we befriend. Because we share rugby. And we know the specialness of that opportunity.

West Monmouth School, Wales, UK – Visits Seattle, 2013